Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pay Day

Life has it's ups and downs, it's good and bad. But once in awhile, everything seems perfect. Those are what I refer to as pay days! I just had one of the most fantastic paydays a mom could ever have. Saturday, August 15, 2009, my entire family went through the temple. All of my children are now endowed. When I stop crying, I will write more!
OK, it's 3 weeks later and I can finally talk about this without sobbing.
I am so surprised at the emotions that overtake you as you see your entire family dressed in white and in the temple. My mom always used to quote the scripture that stated that the greatest joy a parent could have is if they're children follow the Lord. I was happy when they weren't fighting!!! The joy you feel in the temple with your family can only be described as celestial.
I wish I could say that all of our 'callings and elections have been made sure' and that the fight is over. I know it's just begun. Life keeps on lifing and we are all human, but in future hard times, I have this moment to look back and and bask in the joy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunch with Cassie

I LOVE lunch! Dinner's fine, Breakfast is good, but there is something so wonderful about going to lunch - especially with FUN people.

Cassie was in town and we HAD to celebrate! I love that she shares Kyler so much! What a chunk! She is such a GREAT little mommy!

Here is a shot of some of the group: Jesica holding Mayson, Kellie, Alec, Lexie, Me, Melanie, and Paul. In the front is Debra, Cassie and Kyler.
I'm sorry that this picture was so blurry, but I LOVED Dad and Mayson checking each other out!
Kyler and Mayson were meeting for the first time. Mayson was so cute, grabbing Kyler's hand. Kyler wasn't sure what to think!
Kyler was on one end of the table and Mayson was on the other! Babies get A LOT of attention in this group! (Not that I am rushing things, but isn't Melanie so cute with babies?)

Debra was so cold that she was hugging her food to keep warm! You just don't have enough insulation, you skinny little thing!