Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brittany Bruner Awareness Month

I just can't let this month go by without saying something about Brittany Bruner Awareness month.

I hope everyone has reflected on the many things Brittany has done to improve out lives - her smile, her laughter, her brilliant mind, her beautiful face, her AMAZING talent, her thoughtful acts of kindness, I could go on for ever!

Next year, I feel it only appropriate to start Brittany Bruner Awareness month with a 5K run, followed by a parade and of course fireworks!

Even though this happens only once a year, we should keep the spirit of Brittany Bruner Awareness alive everyday! We Love You Brittany!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Life Today

I really have nothing exciting, insightful or funny to post. I'm just feeling guilty for not updating my blog for over a month.
They have cut back even more at Paul's bank. The board is a little nervous. In the 40+ years they have been in business, this is the scariest it has been! Compared to other small banks, they are doing great, but that isn't saying a whole lot!
Substituting is slowing down now that there is only 3 more days of school! (Go figure) It's OK, though, because I am working more hours at Rogers (Yay!) I have enjoyed working at TGN because I get to escape from people and retreat into my own thoughts. Scanning images is complicated to set up, but once they're ready, it's quite mind numbing!
Then it's home to dishes, laundry and bills. It's a glamorous life, huh?!?!