Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quizno's - For ALL Occasions

One thing I can say about Alec, he isn't like anyone else! Who do you know WANTS to open his mission call at work!?!?

He text me at 3:15 saying his call came. He then informed any one who asked, that if they wanted to be there when he opened it, be at Quizno's at 7:00 p.m. Paul was in a meeting and couldn't leave right away, so he made sure that it was late enough for Paul to be there.
I was relieved, because he told us that he wasn't going to tell anyone until the Bishop had him come up and announce it in church! Then he said that he would write to Joe (his life long buddy) and tell him. When Joe wrote back, he would tell everyone else. Joe is on a mission in Argentina! Alec is SUCH a tease!
If you notice, Sarah (Joe's sister) was there for Joe.

Honestly, when he read the call and said Billings, Montana, I thought he was joking! He admited that at first, he was a little dissappointed, but that lasted only a second. He feels really good about it. I told him that he wouldn't have to fly up there. He could just get on his roller blades and Jack (his huskey) could pull him up there!
Thanks to everyone who came and shared our excitment! I'm so glad he is so loved!

I looked it up and found out that his Mission President is Larry Gardner! No, not the one in our ward, but a man from St. George.

I'm so happy for Alec!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He Got His Call!

I'll bet you just can't guess where!
Think of Hannah.
Think of Uncle Karl, Grandma V and Uncle Ray.
Heck, think of Jamen Elliott.
The Billings Montana Mission

Except for the Hannah, there's quite a connection there.
He leaves on August 26th. When I find out when his Sacrement meeting talk is, I'll let you know!


It has been brought to my attention that I wasn't clear with my last post.
Paul and I met Paul's cousin Tina (Bliss) Searle in Salt Lake when she took her son Alan Bliss to basic training. Though our son, Alec, was there, he is now home watching his mailbox hoping the mailman delivers his mission call. According to the Stake Executive Secretary, Alec's call was mailed Friday, June 12th. We have been told that calls usually arrive (in our neighborhood) on Wednesdays. We are anxiously awaiting! I will keep you informed!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you haven't gone to see the movie "Up" yet, I would recommend it. It is a sweet story! But one part in the movie, that seems to be a reoccurring theme in our home, has to do with the dogs. In the movie, the dogs are given a collar that allows them to speak English! The pack of dogs will be talking and suddenly one of them will say "Squirrel".
At that moment, all of the dogs forget what they are doing, freeze and look for the squirrel.

That is my family! (Me included) I can't tell you how many times I have started cleaning the kitchen and found something that belonged in the bathroom. When I go to put it away, I am distracted by what needs to be done in there and start cleaning the bathroom. When I see something that goes in the laundry, I will go downstairs and start doing laundry and folding clothes. When I go to put them away, I will notice that I never finished cleaning the kitchen. I kind of clean in circles like that! Does that familiar? I'm sorry if it does. (squirrel, or in the words of Darin, 'Something shiny')
Anyway, Paul's cousin met us in Salt Lake City to take Alan to basic training last Sunday. As they were getting ready to leave, Paul pulled out a map and was telling Tina how to get to where they needed to go. The instructions went kind of like this:

"First, you go out onto South Temple. Follow it until -LOOK AT THAT BIRD HOUSE"

How can you not laugh!

But just for the record, it was a cool bird house!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good News

Even though all of the tests are not back yet, one test was good. Paul's spleen is not enlarged - GREAT SIGN! His polycythemia is not very advanced - YAY! As we find out more from the Oncologist, I will update you.
He did get a beautiful blessing that assured him that he would be around to enjoy his grandchildren. That gives him A LOT of time because no one in my family is expecting!
I know that not only aging, but stress is accelerating his ailments. So, don't be stressed. (Yeah right. In the words of my mother, Which kid should I drown?") With only 3 kids, we don't share that stress, but with this economy, who isn't stressed?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For your 411

I hesitated writing this post. I didn't want it to sound whiny or like a pity party. Then I put myself in my loved ones shoes. If something is going on in YOUR life - good or bad - I want to know. Usually, I can't do much about it except for pray and love you, so that is what I hope you do!
Paul has not been feeling his best for quite a while. He has been to the doctor for tests. To make a long story short, he has been diagnosed with a condition called "Polycythemia Vera". I guess his Aunt Leola had the same condition. Basically, his body produces too much blood! He has been giving blood to help lower the count, but according to the Doctor, that isn't enough. They suggested that he get Chemo therapy so it will kill some of the blood producing cells in his bone marrow. He is meeting with the Oncologist next Tuesday. That seems a little extreme to me, but then again, I am not the doctor. If you want to know more, below is a link to the Mayo Clinic that is quite informative.

He's really doing fine. He seems the same to me! The other day, I was talking to some friends and they ask what the symptoms were. All I could think of was severe headaches, so I embellished a bit... "His symptoms are - He avoids yard work, will not unload the dish washer or make the bed and hasn't vacuumed for weeks!" Their reply was, "Oh my gosh, our husbands have the same symptoms!" I forgot to mention the cravings for peppermint lifesavers! (I'm so funny!)

His still working and playing. His spirits are fine. He read where people with this condition, when treated, live for 10-15 years. I'm sure he'll be just fine! I'll bet he makes it WAY longer that that!

I'll keep you updated on the what the Oncologist has to say!