Monday, May 14, 2012

Rome Hilton Ostler

Ok, here is the short story.  Haley had a boy on May 11, 2012 at 12:13 a.m. 4 lbs. 7 oz. and 19" long. They are naming him Rome Hilton Ostler.
Here's the rest of the story.
Haley's due date is June 18.  She had traveled to Seattle last week to be with Graden.  She flew home the 6th.  On Monday, she had a Doctors appointment.  She was starting to swell up, feet, hands, she was a little uncomfortable.  At the appointment, they took her blood pressure, it was 120/80, they high end of average, so there was little concern. 
She taught Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  On Wednesday night, she was in our room talking with me and Paul.  Since Paul has high blood pressure, he checks his blood pressure every night.  After he checked his, he said, "Haley, do you want to check yours?"  I said, "And then can you check mine?"  It is just a fun little game - no biggie!  Haley's blood pressure was 175/98!!! Paul said, "This isn't right.  Let's try it on the other arm."  They checked her sitting down, standing up, one each arm, well, needless to say, we were a little shocked!!! I asked what she had eaten that day.  Top Ramon Noodles?  Yeah, I thought, that is the culprit!  They are so loaded with sodium.  I told her to drink a lot of water and lie down. 
The next morning, we rechecked it.  It was around 138/75, so it was high, but dropping.  So she want to work.
At work, one of her fellow teachers said that she looked more puffy than usual.  When Haley told her about her blood pressure, the teacher kind of freaked out!! She said she had toxemia (pre-eclampsia) and TOLD her to call the doctor.  So when Haley got off work, she called into Dr. Judd's office.  Since Dr. Judd was at the hospital delivering babies, they told her just to go there and be checked.
Quite unconcerned, she went there and called Paul to tell him where she was going.  He called me and said that Haley was at the hospital.  My kind boss let me leave work early so I could hold her hand.  When we got to the hospital, Haley asked, "Why are you here? It's no big deal."  We just laughed and stayed.
The head nurse started checking her stats and asking her questions. When her blood pressure came up at (approx) 180/109, she told Haley that she wasn't going home.  "In fact," she said, "You will probably have your baby this weekend."  I think that is when we really started to appreciate the gravity of the situation!!
She called Graden and told him to catch the next flight to Utah..."We're having a baby!!!"
When they checked her blood, they found that her kidneys were already being effected.  Dr. Judd checked her and told her that if they tried to induce her, she wouldn't have this baby before Saturday and by then she most likely would be in a coma.  Ok, C-Section it is!!!
They waited for Graden to get there.  Race got him to the hospital at about 11:40.  The prepped Haley, dressed Graden and away they went.
Rome was born at 12:13 a.m. on May 11th. Because he was born on his Grandpa Matthews birthday, they chose the name Hilton for a middle name.  Besides, they thought Rome Paul almost sounded political!! Granted, Rome Hilton could sound like a vacation destination, but it also sounds very distinguished.
For a baby that was born almost 6 weeks early, he's doing remarkable well.  He was born at 4 lbs. 7 oz. and is 19 inches long. He is long and skinny, but what is amazing is his feet.  They are 3 inches long!!! For a 19 inch baby, 3 inches for feet are HUGE!!! He is breathing on his own, absorbing the formula (given to him through a tube in his nose) and has even sucked on a pacifier.  They haven't had to transport him to NICU yet.  That is such a good sign.  He is a little fighter and I'm so proud of him.

Haley was so sick from the medication, and beat up from the emergency C-Section, she couldn't sit up without being VERY sick!!! But just like her son, she is a trouper!! She has been in the nursery with Rome every chance she gets.  She is so in love with that little boy, and Graden is such a proud daddy!!! They are a gorgeous family.