Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What are your thoughts?

After reading some old posts, I realized I haven't rambled for a while.  I just haven't felt like I want to open up and then be accountable for my thoughts and feelings!
I have enjoyed reading people's opinions on facebook and checked the 'like' tab frequently, but that is the extent to my sharing.  Well, I guess that will change, at least for a minute.
I think the thing that got me thinking was running into Toni, my long time friend.  I told her that I love seeing her posts and pictures on facebook, (my voyeur fix).  She said basically that it is only the good stuff and not real life.
Is that what it is? Selected good times and no bad times? So what's the problem? What about the Thumper rule?  One thing my mom always used to say was, "If someone asks you how you are, for heaven sakes, DON'T TELL THEM!" What about the wisdom of "That which you put your energy into grows." So concentrate one the good stuff, right?
I have found that if you only recognize good things or concentrate on the positive, bad things still happen.  You just don't seem to relive it as much. 

In the book of "Life According to Ann", keep sharing the good, post only the positive things and when people ask you how you're doing, for heaven sake, don't tell them.  That goes for your superficial friends and acquaintances.  Oh please don't think I mean that in a negative way.  Superficial friends and acquaintances can be a wonderful a positive influence in your life.  They give us hope that there is a better tomorrow, that the sun WILL come out and miracles will happen and all those warm fuzzies that tickle our fancy.
Just make sure that you have a couple of sincere friends and family that will love and support you when real life strikes!!! 
With people like Toni, I want to hear the good stuff and filtered news, but when we are together, one on one, I want it all!!! I love her good and bad (Even though there's not much bad) I will love her rather she is happy or sad, rich or poor, in sickness or in health....well you know what I mean. I will always be up for a good giggle or a good cry with her and many other wonderful friends!!! (I kind of lucked out that way).

So does being positive improve your life?  Maybe not, but it sure makes life more tolerable!!