Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Just a Proud Momma!!

I guess you never grow out of the amazement each child brings into your life. It starts with pictures on the refrigerator, goes to report cards, all of their achievements, and marriage. But it doesn't seem to end there. You still burst with pride when you see your children achieve goals and become stronger people. Today, it's Haley's turn!!

She just ran the Midnight Half Marathon in Mapleton last Friday. They started at Jolley's Ranch around 10:00 and ended up at Ira Allen Park in Mapleton around midnight. What a trooper!!! She was barely winded!!!

Here she is on the last leg of the run.

Here she is at the finish line.
And here's one proud husband!!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Have Been Kelseyfied!!!

Once again, Michael Kelsey delivered a great performance. It doesn't seem to matter if he is on stage or in your family room, he is SO entertaining!!! For those who missed this performance, I'm so sorry!! There's always next time!!!

When the concert started, they asked for NO flash photography!! But when he called Jillian up on stage to sing her song, I HAD to sneak a picture. That is why it is so blurry!!!

Me and 2 of my FAVORITE musicians!!!
Debra and I just can't get enough of Michael!!!