Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Words to Live by Alec - Sports Announcers

Olympic fever hit the Matthews house hold. Day by day we watched the athletes give their all and in admiration, we cheered them on! Their dedication and discipline was inspiring! We are sure that everyone had the same goal - give your all, do you best and if fate allows, bring home the gold!
We were watching the 400 yd Mens Sprint. When the American runners finished their race,
some of them graced the media a brief interview. The announcer grabbed LaShawn Merrit after
his AMAZING run and ask, "What was your plan?" His answer sounded a lot like a politician - I wish I could remember his exact answer, but basically it was something like,
"I did my thing -was in my groove" - something along that line.

I turned to Alec and asked, "What did he just say? I didn't hear anything of importance." Alec said, "Well, with a question like that, what do you expect? 'My plan is to run fast and win'. "

I guess that is what Lashawn said. He and Alec must think alike!

+ = brilliance!
P.S. I miss you! Hurry home safely!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Language of Angels


I had SUCH a great time Saturday. I got to go to a concert with two of my FAVORITE musicians - Michael Kelsey and R.B. GRAVES.
At the risk of sounding boastful, my little brother is SO talented! Even if you're not related, it is easy to appreciate his talent.

Then, there's Jillian! She is such a ham! Michael called her, "A little Avril Lavigne." She got up and without hesitation, started singing! Later she joined her dad and Mike for a drum competition. I heard the night before, she was their 'solid gold dancer'.

I laughed, clapped, sang along and screamed with joy. What a fun night. The concert was my birthday present from Paul. I LOVED IT!

I am looking forward to the 2nd half
of my birthday present, 3 DOG NIGHT!
They will be at the Scera Shell on Labor day.

Words to Live by Alec - Favorite Joke

What did the man say when he walked into the bar?


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Mine Birthday

About 13 years ago today, I got the sweetest call from Katie my niece. We share the same birthday. The little voice on the other end said, "Happy mine Birthday." That will be with me forever! I LOVED it! She, of course called today, still as cute as ever! She is now 15! WOW!

I have received many calls from family and friends. I really feel loved!

Yet, I am sitting here at work wondering if anyone here will say anything. The problem is, I work with all men, and their minds aren't set for matters such as birthdays or anniversarys. I haven't said anything about it being my birthday. I think I'd rather them not know than know and not do anything about it! How is this like my life?

I guess I would rather live in a world of 'maybe's' than definate 'no's'. I would rather be accidently forgotten than purposely ignored. Besides, with the calls, the cards, and presents I have all the attention I need!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words to live by Alec - On Pool Games

We were watching Adam Ferera, a comedian, and he was talking about
how his girlfriend complains when he takes a shower.
He said, "I can't help it! There's water shooting out of the wall!'
She said, "No, its you!"
He said, "What do you think I am playing pool games in there?"
Then he puts his hand over his eyes and acts like he's playing saying,
"Marco --- Polo --- Marco ---Polo."

When Alec saw that he said, "I'm going to do that.
And when I find myself, I'll get out of the shower!"
Once again - I screamed with laughter!

Word To Live By Alec - On Saving Money

My son, Alec, is funny. Not many people know this because he is so quite. He's not really shy, he's just not very social. When he talks, he's FUN! I want to share!
The other night, Melanie and Elliot were talking about when they have kids. Elliot said, "The minute our children are born, we are going to set up a college savings plan." (Great idea)
Alec said, "Why don't you set up one BEFORE they're born, then if you dont have kids, by the time they graduate from high school, you'll be rich!" I SCREAMED WITH LAUGHTER!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dance In The Rain

Last May, I went to Seagull Book. As I was looking around, I saw a sign that said, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain." I stood there and cried! It really hit home!
It seems like most of my life, I have been waiting for the next phase.
I remember when I was 4 asking my mom if we could just tell people I was 5. I thought life would begin when school started. I thought I would be complete when I got a sister. I couldn't wait to start Young Women (back then MIA). Then I knew that things would change when I graduated from High School...you get the picture!
As I look back, there were such wonderful experiences. I learned so much and have had GREAT opportunities! Some of the highlights that stand out are fishing with my brothers, sleigh riding in the mountains, Bomp, Proms, Drill Team, Choir Tours, The Improv Troup, Ricks College, DECA, The Netherland (my mission), Tapestry (the band), marrying Paul, my 4 children, various church callings, Partylite, Keith Jorgensen's, teaching, the radio show, trips to Hawaii, Cancun, The Netherlands, various cruises, Alchemists, and most receintly, my girls weddings.
The friends I have made in my life are eternal! I have met and made friends with the salt of the earth. By always looking to the future, I have created and enjoyed some amazing aspects of life.
If I were to change anything, I would bask in the bad times as well as the good, knowing that it all passes. I would try not to be so afraid of sorrow and apprehensive of good times.
I glad I have wonderful memories but in the future, I will live in the moment and relish everything given to me.
I will dance through life because it is a gift worth celebrating!