Friday, January 22, 2010

MLK Marade

What is a MLK Marade, you ask?
The state of Utah and U of U hosted a Martin Luther King's Celebration. It included Award Ceremonies, speeches and a march/parade. When they called the authorities and told them of their plans for a MLK March, they were apprehensive! They thought it sounded like a riot in the making! They didn't want to call it parade, because there are too many ordinances for a parade. Thus, Marade.
Paul was asked to give the opening prayer for the marade. It started at Sugar House Park. After that, we walked the 3 1/2 miles to Kingsbury Hall. I felt so civic-ly active!!!! They sang and chanted most of the way.

Haley and Graden came for support!
Here is Paul and Debra Charleston at the beginning of the Marade
Paul and Joe Rogers on the steps of Kingsbury Hall
He is some of the participants at the end of the marade

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Found The Smartest Sister!

I found her! The smartest sister! For those who are not familiar with the search, here's the story.
Quite a few years ago, RB came to the conclusion that Darin was the smartest brother. His thought was since Darin never really went through a rebellion stage, he was the smartest! Well, you can imagine how that went over! All of the brothers argued and told him he was wrong! It has been a source of laughter and jokes for our family! We really got a big kick out of it.

Well, with the vote for the smartest brother, Debra, Andrea and I were wondering who was the smartest sister. We decided it was sister #4.
Well, here she is! I found her - the smartest sister! When she sang the National Anthem yesterday at the Martin Luther King's Day march/parade, I saw the resemblance, I felt the connection and then her name gave it away - The Honorable Judge Shauna GRAVES Robertson. It was a beautiful reunion!
She is not only the smartest sister, she is the most talented. Man, can that woman sing! She did an AMAZING job!!!