Thursday, January 27, 2011

Called To Serve

Paul and I have been called on a mission. No, really!! We have been called to serve in the Provo South Mission. Here's the kicker - Spanish speaking!!! It's a part-time mission so we serve from home, but we now work with the Spanish speaking missionaries in the Grandview 20th Ward.
We has been asked to help some of the ward members assimilate to the Utah ways in living, speaking, budgeting and banking. GO FIGURE!!!
It has been a very humbling experience. I'm really trying to pick up the language. During Sacrament meeting and Sunday School, I just listen and try to pick up words and ideas. During Relief Society, I use the translator.
Paul just feels right at home. The first couple of Spanish Hymns we sang and Sacrament prayers we heard, I saw tears running down his cheeks. It is just a flash back to his mission.
In church, I feel like I did when I first got to Holland. I can feel the spirit, I am just not sure of everything that is being said!! I'm getting better, though. I can usually figure out what the subject of the talk is and a couple of thoughts. Testimony meeting is a different ballgame!! There are so many different accents - and they speak so quickly!!!
We have joined the choir and sang with them a couple of times in Sacrament Meeting. They are very patient with my mutilating the words. They patiently correct me and have not laughed too much, even when I was singing to the 'cheese' (that's quiso - not queso).
We are meeting some wonderful people and learning A LOT!!! This has really been a great opportunity for us. We are looking forward to the next 2 years!!

Life Is Good

When I started blogging, I did it to share my feelings and experiences. I guess I have this semi-narcissistic feeling that people care. Well, when reading others blogs, I really enjoy hearing about their lives, looking at their pictures and sharing in their thoughts. May I safely assume that I am not alone there?
I haven’t written for a couple of months. Not necessarily because I have nothing to say, or am too busy, but simply because of the “Thumper Rule”, you know, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. To say that life sucks would be WAY off base!! There are many positive things occurring in my life most of the time. To say it has been difficult would be a little more accurate. But whose isn't?!?!
Kids are healthy and happy, we still live in Provo and have 2 running cars. The utilities are on and we have PLENTY to eat. Life is good -Hell Yeah!!!