Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Of My Blessings

One would think that after 51 years of life, you would know how you react to certain situations. Not so for me!

For the last 2+ years, I have been serving in the Primary Presidency of our ward. Being called was a shock! I wondered what sane parent would want me influencing their child! I accepted that call mainly because I have such a high regard for Willow, the president. I have always thought that she was an outstanding person and was excited to get to know her better. And who knows, maybe her 'awesomeness' would rub off!

A couple of weeks ago, we were released. My first reaction was, "Whew, that's over!" The first week back after being released, I found myself glansing around the chapel, looking for the primary kids. I was tickled when Gracy waved at me and Timo huggged me along with others. I really love and miss those kids! Then the weekly fix of Willow, Wendy and Laurel was gone! Even though I see them, I miss the interaction!
I just realized that I have 2 + years of working with some of heavens finest spirits! I am so blessed!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Word To Live By Alec - Moral Of The Day

If you can't say

anything nice,

you're probably at

the Ice Capades.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Words to Live by Alec - Shopping with Mom

Alec is getting a projector - you know, one that you can show on the wall and watch TV. He is trying to set up his room so he can watch it in his bedroom. I offered a white table cloth for the screen, but it just wasn't thick enough. I then suggested that we go to the fabric store and get something.
He met me at JoAnn's at noon and we found some white felt on sale. Since he has never been in a fabric store before, I figured it would be a good teaching moment. We went to the cutting table and a VERY cute young girl helped us. She asked, "How many yards do you want?" I was silent, and so was he, finally he spoke up and said, "3 yards." Trying to be friendly, she then ask, "What are you making out of this?" Once again, silence. So I chimed in, "He's making a pair of one-sies. You know, the kind with feet in them. He gets so cold." Her jaw dropped - Alec's face went BRIGHT red and I began to laugh!
Instead of shooting me (like I know he wanted to) he just looked at me and said, "Good one, Mom!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a Fun Week!

OK, I'm dancing again. I just had a moment (or 2) that I had to share! I guess a couple of you have felt like I do. To the rest of you, I'm jealous! I'm still hanging in there with this diet. If nothing else, I am spending less money on food, so if I don't lose weight, maybe I'm gain some money!
I haven't been to a theater for over 5 years, then in the last week, I have gone 3 times! FUN!!! Wednesday, I went to see "Aida" at the Hale Center Theater (with the Primary Presidency). It was AMAZING! Friday, Paul and I went to the Pioneer Playhouse and saw "Noises Off". Then, last night for family night, everyone but Alec and Graden went and saw Grant Sumsion in a variety show at the Valley Center Playhouse in Lindon. He and his brother did a GREAT rendition of "Who's on first". Except for the eating part, it's been a GREAT week!
P.S. I am down 3 lbs. OK, it's a start!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Don't Feel Much Like Dancing

I am so sick and tired of reading all of these diets tips that say, “If you do this, you will lose 20 lbs. a year.” Ie: park far away from the entrance, take the stairs, drink skim milk, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, use fat free mayo, drink lots of water. I do all of these things - daily-, and have been for years. According to these experts, I should be down at least 70 lbs, so why do I still weight over 200 lbs? I get so impatient with people who say, just change a couple of bad habits and you can be skinny like me! If losing weight was so damned easy, wouldn’t we have more skinny people?
I appreciate the show “The Biggest Loser” because they show the people pushing, sweating, sacrificing and really working hard at it. This is hard work! This is constant work. This is not only a physical challenge, but mental and emotional as well. This is not a task that you can do for a couple of hours a day and call it good, it is 24/7. There is no relief from the stress, and when you go for a break, you have blown your progress and have to start over again!
I talked a woman that had a gastric bypass. She said that she cried everyday for a year because she had to give up her best friend, food! I feel her pain! When your joy, comfort and security is food, and you have to give that up – THAT SUCKS! THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweetheart Tag

Sweetheart Tag (From Celeste)

The rules are as follows:

Each person answers questions about their sweethearts. At the end of the post, the person tags 6 people and posts their names. Then, go to their blog and leave them a comment letting them know they have been tagged.

What is your husbands name? Hilton Paul Matthews

How long have you guys been married? 24 years and 9 months.

How long did you date? We dated for almost 3 months and were engaged 3 months.

How old is he? Fifty two-riffic!

Who is taller? Paul but not by much!

Who can sing best? Paul for sure! He has had YEARS of instruction and practice!

Who is smarter? It depends on the subject! Paul is smarter in some ways, but I have got in beat in others! (Don’t tell him – he won’t believe you!)

Who does laundry? Me and the Dry Cleaners!

Who pays the bills? Me! That’s one of the things in which I am smarter! (Once again, don’t tell him!)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. His choice!

Who mows the lawn? Alec does! Once I mowed the lawn for Paul and he was not happy about it!

Who cooks dinner? Me, which is too bad because Paul is a WONDERFUL cook!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me. Paul thinks he’s NEVER wrong! (That's why he is a.k.a. Paul Perfect)

Who kissed who first? Paul kissed me first, but I took over from there!

Who wears the pants? Paul likes to think he does! (Once again…)

I tag Haley, Debra, Joni, Angie, Cassie and Patty

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Daily Giggle

I have decided to start another subcategory to my blog-The Daily Giggle. These are stories that people have sent to me on line. Whereas "Words To Live By Alec" are based on actual experiences, "The Daily Giggle" may or may not be true! They are just stories that made me giggle!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do you realize just how blessed I am? I have a husband who I love and loves me and supports me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. I have 3 healthy, happy children. I have 2 perfect sons-in-law. I have a beautiful, warm home, a nice car that runs, a job that gives me small challenges as well as peaceful down time. I have food, hobbies, modern technology, and the gospel. I can read, write, play the piano, organ and even carry a tune! I have fun friends who REALLY care! I have an incredible extended family not only in numbers, but also in spirit. I will never be alone! I live in a neighborhood of people who are the salt of the earth! I have great examples to look up to in family and friends. I have wonderful memories as well as a bright future! I have relatively good health. I can walk, see, hear, smell, taste and feel. I feel, not only physically, but emotionally I feel very deeply, that brings me much joy and pain. I cry freely and easily and I am getting old enough that I am beginning to be OK with that.
I’m just feeling very grateful and want to share my joy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

Yes, I went and voted. I really should be proud, but I'm afraid it feels like a useless act. Yes, I know, what if everyone didn't vote...yada, yada. Once again, I feel a story coming on!
When I was younger, we used to sleep out. We used to take a sleeping bag outside and fall asleep under the stars. As I would lay and ponder the universe, I would feel so small and so insignificant! It seemed so over-whelming that it would actually creep me out! I felt so minuscule!

That is kind of what voting is to me. Oh, I will continue to vote, mostly because it is the thing to do! I will also encourage my friends and relatives to do the same. My only redeeming thought is, if I vote, I have the privilege to complain about politicians.