Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness????

I just read a post on Facebook titled "50 Things Money Can't Buy". I have decided that lists and stories that preach that principle are created by people that HAVE money!!!
Since very few people read this, I feel more comfortable posting this here instead of on my facebook account.  I can be very negative, but I try (sometimes) to hide it.

Let me share things that happiness CAN'T buy:

A house in which to live.
A car give you the freedom you need to work, go to church, etc.
Gas, tires, maintenance, and insurance in which to keep the car going.
Food for nourishment and in my case, calming my nerves. (Hi. My name is Ann and I am a food addict...)
Clothing to cover your nakedness.
Tithing, for the blessings.
Medicine, which is needed to counteract the stress of not being able to pay bills.
Computers and Internet to look for work, do genealogy, keep in contact with friends and family.
A phone, for basically the same thing.
These are just a few things that pop to mind.  I'm sure I will come up with more when the time comes.

Oh, don't get me wrong, if it weren't for the things money can't buy, ie, the love of a family and relatives, hugs from grand kids, amazing friends, testimonies, hiking, sunlight, 75 degree weather, clear starry nights, calm silent snowfalls, beautiful nature scenery, tulips, Sweet William, roses, Gerber daises, and dahlias, or wait, some of those cost money (I digress), it wouldn't be worth going on!

I want to say FANTASTIC neighbors, but without our home, we wouldn't be in such a perfect neighborhood.

I guess I could go on. Not that I am bitter about the situation we are in right now....oh wait, maybe I'm a little bitter.  But in the mean time - WHEN DO WE GET A BREAK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Once again, being slapped in the face with reality!

Back in the 80's, I enjoyed watching and laughing at the show "The Golden Girls". It is about 3 little old ladies and their adventures of being old, at least that is what I used to think.
I found reruns being played on the TVland channel and have enjoyed a good belly laugh or two....until the other day.  The episode that changed my mind was one where Rose lost her job and went looking for another one.  She came home very despondent because, "No one wants to hire a 55 year old woman".
Ok, now she is just getting personal!!!

Old? Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling it a bit, but I have usually blamed it on my weight or crazy schedule.  I'm certainly not as old as the "Golden Girls".   Ahhhhh......SURPRISE!!!! YES I AM!!! It's not just my weight or's here!!! Ok, my weight and lifestyle maybe speeding up the process a bit but .... Holy Cow!!!

Well, I decided that I am not going to take this lying down! I am going to fight back!! I'm walking more and eating better, I'm going to feel good again. So Saturday was the ultimate test.  I took Paul to the Festival of Colors. Yeah! We went, we saw, the blisters! Here's the story:

Since R.B. was playing from 1:00 - 3:00, we tried to go during those times. We couldn't go any earlier because of the baptism at 10:00 (Yeah, we know a party when we see one). We were prepared, we wore our old clothing, we ate lunch first, we brought towels and sheets to protect the car, and I assured Paul that people of all ages go to this and we were one our way!!
The traffic was CRAZY!!! At 12:30, the freeway was backed up to the Springville Exit, just to get off at the Spanish Fork exit. I didn't want to imagine what Main street looked like, so we drove on the the Benjamin exit.  We got off quite easily and found a parking spot in the designated field.  For $2.00, you could take shuttle bus that cycles about every 20-30 minutes.  It wasn't the time issue that made my decision, it was the fact that we are still young and could walk the short 2.5 miles to the temple. Remember I told you about the old clothes, well, we couldn't bring our good walking shoes, they might get stained, so we were in old, cruddy shoes as well.
Now just a little side note, as the body atrophies I guess the brain follows suit...WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!?!
By the first mile, we not only passed a PLETHORA of better parking spots, I was developing blisters on the balls of my feet.  By the 2nd mile, I was limping. There were many places along the water to buy hot dogs and drinks. I stopped and asked everyone one of them for a bandaid. Did anyone have any?  Of course not! Young people not only DON'T get blisters, they are smart enough to wear good walking shoes, after all, it's only a couple of miles!!
We finally made it! I was expecting to see the young and fun loving youth and the older, adventurous adults.  I guess other people our age are smart enough to know not to not to brave the crowds, chalk, loud music and above all, the blisters!!!

Determined to have fun, we waved at RB and stood off to the side of the crowd to join in the dancing and singing.  Poor Paul by now is thinking, "I have married a crazy woman." (Trust me, this isn't the first time he has thought that). We made in in time for the color throw and crazy dancing.  I lasted about 10 minutes. Oh don't get me wrong, my spirit was rejuvenated, my soul was happy, my mind was celebrating, it was my dumb body that said "Uncle". 

We limped back to the bus stop, took the shuttle bus back and made it home in time to get in a nap and some yard work done.

Oh, I'm not giving up! Not by a long shot!  I will continue walking and eating better,  I might even break down and work out and diet, but for now-one step at a time. We (at least I) am going again next year, but I am wearing comfortable shoes, bringing a first aid kit and a blanket for a nap.  And for SURE, we are taking the shuttle bus both ways!!!

And as for getting old, well, I had a great example of growing old in a fun way....Thanks Gramma Pete!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What are your thoughts?

After reading some old posts, I realized I haven't rambled for a while.  I just haven't felt like I want to open up and then be accountable for my thoughts and feelings!
I have enjoyed reading people's opinions on facebook and checked the 'like' tab frequently, but that is the extent to my sharing.  Well, I guess that will change, at least for a minute.
I think the thing that got me thinking was running into Toni, my long time friend.  I told her that I love seeing her posts and pictures on facebook, (my voyeur fix).  She said basically that it is only the good stuff and not real life.
Is that what it is? Selected good times and no bad times? So what's the problem? What about the Thumper rule?  One thing my mom always used to say was, "If someone asks you how you are, for heaven sakes, DON'T TELL THEM!" What about the wisdom of "That which you put your energy into grows." So concentrate one the good stuff, right?
I have found that if you only recognize good things or concentrate on the positive, bad things still happen.  You just don't seem to relive it as much. 

In the book of "Life According to Ann", keep sharing the good, post only the positive things and when people ask you how you're doing, for heaven sake, don't tell them.  That goes for your superficial friends and acquaintances.  Oh please don't think I mean that in a negative way.  Superficial friends and acquaintances can be a wonderful a positive influence in your life.  They give us hope that there is a better tomorrow, that the sun WILL come out and miracles will happen and all those warm fuzzies that tickle our fancy.
Just make sure that you have a couple of sincere friends and family that will love and support you when real life strikes!!! 
With people like Toni, I want to hear the good stuff and filtered news, but when we are together, one on one, I want it all!!! I love her good and bad (Even though there's not much bad) I will love her rather she is happy or sad, rich or poor, in sickness or in health....well you know what I mean. I will always be up for a good giggle or a good cry with her and many other wonderful friends!!! (I kind of lucked out that way).

So does being positive improve your life?  Maybe not, but it sure makes life more tolerable!!