Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandpa Gum

Mom brought some pictures over to me so I could scan them, and I HAVE to share!!!!

This is Grandpa Bramall's family. On the front row is:

Aunt Louise Lowe, Grandpa William Samuel Bramall, Grandma Sarah (Farr) Bramall, and Uncle Ivor.
On the back row is:
Grandpa Bert Samuel Bramall, Uncle Ellis, Aunt Lois Hamilton, and Uncle Frank.

I just figured out that Kevin and I were the only ones that remember Grandpa Bramall. I want to share!

He was always trying to quit smoking, so he carried gum with him and ALWAYS shared with us. We called him Grandpa Gum. When he died, Gramma Pete wanted to keep his memory alive. That is when she started carrying Chicklets in her bra!
My memories are few, but the over-whelming feeling of love for him and his love for me has never diminished. I remember being so excited when he came to visit. I remember sitting on his lap and getting gum from him. Even though I heard he was quite short, I remember him being so tall! I remember him calling me a 'stick in the mud'. I also remember him in his coffin thinking he was just alseep!

I am so happy to have a copy of this picture. I will have A LOT more pictures copied in CD format at the reunion. If you are interested in some, let me know. I think CD's are about 5 cents a piece, so come with your nickle!

I'm Back!

My how time flys with you're UNEMPLOYED! There's nothing like being a Senior Citizen out looking for a job! OK, I'm not really UN-employed, my hours are cut to about 6 - 8 a week. Can you see why I haven't blogged? I haven't been at work. In all fairness, no one should have as much spare time as I did at work and still get paid!

I thought it was only the builders and contractors that were affected by this recession, but it really has the trickle effect - OK - the burst dam effect!
I finally broke down and went back to substitute teaching! I was feeling really old when I had to re-do the orientation with a bunch of young kids - BUT THEY WEREN'T!!! I sat by a man who was as old (or older) than me who is a
Certified Math/Physics Teacher! Talk about a slap of reality!

I talked to some of my friends at TGN ( and they just hired 20 new people. Mike told me that there were 500 applicants for the 20 positions! HOLY COW!!! Now explain to me what the difference between a recession and a depression?!?!? It's 1930 all over again!

I think it's rain dancing time! How about you?