Friday, July 31, 2009


I was just thinking how many 'groups' that I belong to. The group of Graves, Bramalls, Matthews, Blatters... you know families that you love and appreciate. But there are so many events in our lives that bind you together almost as strongly as family. Some that spring to mind are those who attended Mapleton Grade School or Mapleton 3rd Ward. There is the class of '75, the members of Mapleton Single ward, roommates, work associates, and most recently members of Bands, Alchemists, Grandview 18th Ward, and my AMAZING neighborhood. But I guess that one I want to blog about is missions.

Because our mission president passed away shortly after serving, there have not been many reunions. Finally, Hulse took it upon himself to remedy this. He put together a mission reunion. What a rush! Even though I haven't seen or heard from most of these people for years, the love and bond I felt is still there. There is something about working together for a cause that build very strong ties!

Here is a picture of the sisters that attended. From the back: Stephenson, Gammon, Smith, Bodijn, ME, Taggart, (not sure) Front: Barker, Deakin, and Nielson. I wish more sisters would have attended.
This is some of the missionaries that went on their mission Jan-March 1979. Alan Hale still lives in Oakley, Idaho and I get to see him every time I go to church there! Randy Bunn and Bruce Schvaneveldt are two elders I haven't seen since Holland. Then there's Robert. I get to see him every 3rd Saturday of June. You know for a cousin, I just don't see him enough! Then me and the only other one that was in my group-Merk! Mark Merkling and I were in the MTC together and served in Den Haag together. What an amazing man. Seeing him brought back a flood of memories and emotions! What a treat!
Here is Karla (Barker) Porter and me with our mission mom, Ruth Rohgaar. She was and is such an angel!

Here is some of the Den Haag Motley Crew! Cowan, me and Merk. I love these men!

Mark Swenson was one of my saviors in Apeldorn. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Easy - aka Elder Howell.

Poor Steve and Paul. I think Steve was saying, "Look at all these old people!" and Paul was saying, "I'm glad we're not that old!"

Steve and Karla are probably the people we see the most from my mission, and that still isn't enough!

There's a saying that goes, "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold". I LOVE my old friends and family and look forward to all the new ones that are coming!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Pete

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Grandma Pete's Birthday. FYI-she would have been 94! In the words of Celeste, she's old enough to be dead!

We missed all of you that couldn't make it. We hope to see you next year for her 95th.

Here is Carrie, Katie and Eric. Next to them are Whitney, Jesica, Dexton, Sam, Hannah, Emma, Patty, Lori Alec and Bowen.

Here is a typical post for the Jones family - Patty, Lyndsie, AnnDee, Sarah, Cody and Lennis. And what are they admiring?....
Prince Elijah

Kaden just couldn't get cool enough! All of this wet was self inflicted!

It was the hottest day of the year! Why wear clothes!?!? Thanks to Shalin for trying to keep the party G rated!
Here is a row of handsome men! Jacob, Tyler and Grandpa Graves.
The young kids! Garrett, Lisa, Debra, Alec, Shalin and Bowen.
Andrea shows us that there is more than one way to celebrate!

Marin and Emma choose to play a game of tetherball.

What a motely crew of Lisa, Alec, Mitchell, Kaden and Shalin.

That's Cody's back next to Patty, Micah, Tyler, Lori, Lyndsie and AnnDee.
Danielle, Chelsie, Hannah and Sydnee filled A LOT of water balloons.
Scotty went right to the source. Bag the balloons, just spray them down with the hose!

Sydnee, Tyler, Marin, Justin, Zach and Isaac had a blast in their water balloon fight.

Now Micah turned his back on us. But not on Lyndsie, AnnDee, Jesica, Sarah, Cody, Patty, Paul and Paul's cousin Brian.

Mom and Lori relaxing in the shade.

Bowen and Alec - best buddies!

Dexton, Isaac, Zach, Sydnie and Danielle just had to play with the dogs!

Here is Jeremy, Sydnie, Brandie, Debra and Marin in the background. On the other side of the table was Whitney, Chelsie, Brian, Joni, Darin and Tannis.

What a fun group of Marshall, Shalin, Lisa, Dexton, Mitchell and Bowen.

Squirrell! Darin, Spencer, Grandpa Graves and Kerry.
Joni, Debra, Jesica (holding Lincoln) Grandma Graves, Andrea and Tannis in the background.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pete's Party

After much deliberating and compromising, we are going to have Pete's Party at Mapleton Park this year. It's easy, close and will be MUCH cheaper in the long run! Since our budget is.....well let's just say, we haven't had an auction for WAY too long, I will be making assignments for the lunch.

It will be at the park by Helen Mattinsons Salon-North Mapleton. Plan on 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will be soft ball, volley ball, horse shoes and, hopefully, a hot Pinochle game!